Transforming Ordinary Concrete Surfaces into Extraordinary Masterpieces.​

Welcome to Atlanta’s premiere destination for decorative concrete coatings, where we transform ordinary concrete surfaces into extraordinary masterpieces.

Revamp Your Garage With Epoxy Floor Coatings For A Stunning Showroom Look.​

For Homeowners: Elevate the aesthetics of your living space with our unique and elegant decorative concrete coatings. Whether it’s your driveway, patio, or indoor floors, we bring out the beauty beneath your feet. Say goodbye to boring concrete and hello to a world of vibrant patterns and textures!

For Business owners: First impressions matter. Let us revitalize your commercial spaces with our durable and stylish decorative coatings, ensuring every footstep within your premises speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to quality.

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Why Choose Our Services?

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Superior Craftsmanship

Our experts at Custom Concrete Coatings offer unparalleled expertise, ensuring every project we undertake reflects our dedication to perfection.

Durability and Protection

Not just pretty to look at, our coatings are designed to withstand the test of time, protecting your concrete surfaces from wear and tear.

Eco-friendly Solutions

We are committed to sustainability, using environmentally-friendly materials without compromising on beauty or durability.

Cost Effective

Enjoy the luxury of decorative coatings without breaking the bank. Our services are priced competitively, offering exceptional value for money.

Our Flooring Services

Garage Epoxy Flooring​ ATLANTA GA Atlanta Georgia

Garage Epoxy Flooring

A durable coating applied to garage floors to enhance appearance, safety, and function. It offers resistance against stains, chemicals, and abrasions, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

Concrete Polishing​ Atlanta Georgia

Concrete Polishing

A process where the surface of concrete is refined to achieve a glossy and smooth finish. This not only enhances the appearance but also increases its durability and reduces the need for regular maintenance.

Concrete Grind & Seal Atlanta Georgia​

Concrete Grind & Seal

A service that starts with grinding the concrete surface to remove imperfections and followed by sealing it. This provides a protective layer against moisture, stains, and wear, making the floor more resilient and visually appealing.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Atlanta Georgia​

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

A special type of epoxy flooring infused with metallic pigments. When applied, it creates a deep, three-dimensional look, giving the floor a unique and shimmering appearance.

Commercial Flooring Atlanta Georgia​

Commercial Flooring

Flooring solutions designed specifically for commercial environments. These floors are built to withstand heavy traffic, resist stains and wear, and meet the specific needs of businesses, ensuring both aesthetics and durability.

Basement Flooring​ Atlanta Georgia

Basement Flooring

Designed for the unique challenges of basements, such as potential moisture and colder temperatures. These flooring solutions are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, transforming basements into comfortable living spaces.

Proudly Local & Family-Owned

Uncover the Future of Flooring with Atlanta’s Finest: Our Decorative Concrete Coatings

Our Team On The Mission

epoxy flooring Atlanta GA

3-Car Garage Epoxy Floor

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800 sq ft Basement Polishing

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3-Car Garage Epoxy Floor

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epoxy for garage floor Atlanta GA residential

800 sq ft Basement Polishing

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What Our Clients Say

We’ve had the greatest pleasure of getting these reviews from our clients whom we owe deep appreciation! 

Kelvin and his crew did a fantastic job on the flooring in my basement. Very skilled craftsmen, trustworthy and very dependable. I will definitely use them on future projects and highly recommend them.
Billy Kuehnel
Kelvin and his team took on our project with a tight deadline. They delivered high quality work and were able to even finish early. Highly recommend him and his company!
Michael S.
Out of 5
Kelvin was a pleasure to work with. He was prompt with every appointment we had and his crew did a fantastic job with the concrete floor in our warehouse. Super pleased that we got to work together.
Hogan Ahn
WOW!!! I’ve recently required the services of a professional Polished Concrete at my warehouse and office space. Not only did they give me what thought I needed, but they provided me an all around service for: epoxy coating, concrete staining, all cracks & control joints were repaired and filled. What a huge investment I HIGHLY recommend ACC Facility Services for Great results & Quick delivery! My only problem is I wish I could rate them higher then 5 Stars.
Jemuel Ayala

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We offer a comprehensive range of concrete coating services for residential basements, exterior patios, and commercial spaces, including our signature full chip multi-layer coating.

The process duration varies based on the project size and specifics. Typically, most residential projects are completed within 1-2 days.

Yes, our coatings are designed to be safe for indoor use and have minimal odor.

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before walking on the coated floor to ensure optimal results.

Absolutely! Our coatings are designed to resist most common household and automotive stains and chemicals.

Yes, we provide a warranty on our services. The exact duration and terms can vary based on the coating type and application.

Maintenance is easy! Simply sweep regularly and clean with mild soap and water.

We offer a variety of colors and finishes to match your aesthetic preferences and functional needs – from epoxy flake flooring, metallic marble, concrete polishing, grind and seal and even customized logos on your floors.

We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and practices wherever possible in our coating services.

You can reach out to us directly through our contact page or call our dedicated customer service line for a detailed estimate.

Transforming Ordinary Concrete Surfaces into Extraordinary Masterpieces.​​

Let Us Take Care Of You

We are a decorative floor coating and floor polishing contractor in Atlanta Georgia with hundred of clients served in the residential, commercial and industrial sector.


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